Monday, 25 November 2013

October/November favourites

1. A game of twister
2. Halloween party
3. Trick or treating
4. A trip to see the planes
5. Watching fireworks
6. Onesie day at nursery
7. First ride at the fair (cars)
8. Favorite fair ride
9. Luca worryingly being girly

7am wake up call

Local fair ride.

Monday, 7 October 2013

What a to do.

This weekend has been great, it involved puddle jumping with the kids and playing on the park for endless fun, and randomly sizing mine and Leora's hands which i find incredibly cute.

Going to one of out local fairs (goose) with three of the greatest friends too hang out with, we got crushed by the dodgems, laughed uncontrollably on the "jimmy cricket" scoffed our faces with burgers and sweets also finding out Sam had ripped his jeans which obviously we all laughed at him for :).

finally Sunday was finished off with two hours in my mums loft getting things out ready for the move and also being treated too tea which was lovely. 

Thanks mum x

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

get updated!

So let's cut to the chase here is what has been going off since the last post back in 2012.

In march it was Hannah's hen which was incredible, we all went to Manchester for the weekend. We had dinner and drinks Friday and Saturday we had a 1920's themed cocktail class, after nibbles and hen do games it was time to hit the town dressing as flapper girls and went to watch dream boys, there was a lot of willy! It was a great weekend shared with hannah and all her friends.

After the wonderful wedding, me Sam my mum Luca and Leora went to the sea life centre in Birmingham. It was a very fun filled day.

In the summer while the kids were away with there nana me and Sam took ourselves away to skegness, it was so nice to have quality time with him, apart from both of us suffering with tonsillitis. We called in on my dad as it was his birthday and went for lunch with a few other family members which was lovely. 

I went from long hair to short.

The kids are growing up just fine, there both so different in personalities and the things they come out with are just amazing! They go to nursery Tuesday too Friday for four hours and I get to apply for schools in November which is terrifying.

And to finish this post of Sam has got
Himself a new job as an estate agent which everyone is really proud of him for. My mum has sold her house and hopefully will move into her new home mid November which is really exciting, apart from that we have all been living life day to day :). 

Have a good day guys xx

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Wedding Day

So march 2012 was the last time I shared apart of my life with you, now I'm back I need to update you on what has been going off etc. I wont bore you in one fell swoop so I will focus on the biggest thing that happened This year. On may 4th 2013 it was my sister Hannah's wedding and by god it was a wedding and a half. Hannah looked absolutely mind blowing from her dress to the glow of her cheeks just beautiful! The wedding itself was at 1:00pm at a lovely little church in our local area. Getting ready was stressful with such a small time scale with the extra stress of doing the brides make-up which turned out well thank god. I loved everything about that day it was just perfect the ceremony, reception, cake and their first dance.The little details just made it extra perfect such as homemade invitations, seating plan, table names, flowers scattered through out the church a beautiful decorated gift cage and favors which were mint creams and to point out actually took myself and deb (maid of honor) a entire day to create I think we made around 300 in the end, not to mention the sweetie table that was amazing!! As the reception was held in a converted barn it was only right they named their tables after famous pigs personally i thought that was a genius idea myself, Luca, Leora and other family member's were on the table peppa pig. The menu was beautiful to start it was smoked salmon followed by venison and cheesecake for desert. The first dance was to The Goo Goo Dolls - Iris it was just sensational and half way through it balloons fell from the cage and surrounded the floor. After the kids had gone home with my boyfriends mum the serious drinking started all our friends and family decided to buy lots of sambuca and j√§gerbombs, unfortunately at the end of the night i rejoined with my sister and her husband to find out she had slipped over in her dress and hurt her elbow, this ended up with her having to take her wedding ring off and nearly missing there amazing honeymoon to america but thankfully the right doctor was at the hospital in time, and they managed to have two beautiful weeks in different parts of america :)

Here are a few of the photos from the big day 

Monday, 26 March 2012

Marble Nails

I recently started to follow Karla Powell on twitter and instagram, she posts such brilliant make-up and nail effects. The other day I noticed Karla had posted a marble effect look and I instantly thought I'm going to give that a go. So I started to youtube other marble effects and kind of adapted mine in my own way. Last night I gave it ago and for saying it was my first time I think I was pretty good (not to be big headed). The thing with this marble effect nail varnish it is very time consuming so if you have a night alone or nothing to do its the perfect time to give it a go, I think in the end it took me around two hours start to finish. I was originally was going to do a step by step tutorial but I shall link the video instead as it may be easier to follow if you want to give this a go. The colours I used were from the Maybelline forever strong collection; Bubblegum, Flamingo Pink, Couture Orange and deep red. These worked really well together and gives a really lovely summery look, I'm so excited to experiment further using different patterns and colours.

Have you ever given this a go or thinking of giving it a go? I would love to see your results.


Saturday, 24 March 2012

A Beautiful Day At The Zoo

So yesterday myself ,Charlotte,my children Luca and Leora all went for the day out too the zoo. After picking up Charlotte, not knowing how to use the sat nav and also stalling the car on the busy road, we were on our way. The journey was rather amusing with Luca banging his head against the car seat (dancing) and Leora just having a good old jig. Arriving at twycross I came across another obstacle, the pram. It actually felt forever to put the thing up It just wasn't happening then with a magic touch of something it was up hooray! The weather at first looked a little miserable but warm and then the sun came out and gave us a beautiful day. At times the kids got a little out of hand and crazy but they're kids and they were having a blast. Twycross have made a new area for kids where there is a train a few rides and a little farm with donkey's, rabbits etc. Seeing as luca is mad on trains at the minute we couldn't not take him on the train, both Luca and Leora loved that. Here are a few photos of our trip to the zoo.

Luca on the "choo choo"
Mr penguin
Luca and Leora
Chilling monkey
The end of the day 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My 20 questions


So I've seen these 20 question thing going around blogs and you tube and I thought to myself why not give it a go. I think its such a fun thing to do and will show what kind of personality I have. So why not take a read and have a look into my likes dislikes. 

The thing you cannot leave the house without?
Well it definitely has too be my phone, I cant live without it. If there is a time I forget it I have to go back without a doubt, I'm pretty obsessed.

What is your eye/hair colour?
I have dark brown eyes and my hair, well that's a mess at the minute its all kinds of colours, red, purple, black, brown it varies.

Favourite Perfume?
At the minute my favourite perfume is valentina valentino. I received a tester in this months glossy box and ever since I've been addicted, but I think my all time favourite is flora by Gucci, such a beautiful smell, I love it!

Heels or flats?
To be honest I think I'm both, you cant beat a good heel on a night out and a worn in comfy trainer for the morning after.

Favourite Colour?
My favourite colour has to be lilac its so pretty, I'm actually planning to decorate my bedroom that colour, well at some point I will be planning on it.

Do you drink juice?
I'm not such a juice drinker, I'm naughty and prefer fizzy drinks. I do enjoy orange juice, you cant beat it on a nice warm day or fresh orange and lemonade, its so good.

Do you want to get married later in life?
Yes, One day I would like nothing more then to marry my boyfriend. I love him very much but there's a long way to go yet.

Do you get mad easily?
I would say it all depends on why but I can get very hormonal then mad, so maybe I do get mad easily im not too sure really.

Are you into ghost hunting?
Ghosts fascinate and would love to go on Derby or Nottingham's ghost walk but when it came down to it I think I would get to freaked out and go home, I know right what a big baby!

Most random song on your Ipod?
The most random song on my Iphone has to be the hangover part two - allentown, I have no idea why this is actually on there but hey i like to have a listen now and again.

When was the last time you cried?
It was Saturday night, I cried the night before and Saturday was the aftermath tired, nothing was going right and fall outs. Thankfully everything is back to normal now :)

Do you life swimming?
Well I don't really dislike it. I preferred swimming when I was young and go with my friends but now it's a bit boring but the kids are starting to go which I really enjoy, so really a bit of mixed opinion about swimming.

What your favourite restaurant?
Usually my favourite restaurant is Frankie and Benny's which is getting a little boring now but I've been to nando's a couple of times now which is actually amazing so its out of those two really.

Do you have any pets?
I have two amazing fish called Bruce and Hilda I love them very much. My mum has our family pets there is our cat Casper he's pretty old and and our dog Gyspy she's old too. I'm not going to lie but I think we have come up with some pretty amazing names for our animals.

What is your favourite all time movie?
This is a tough one I'm a film fanatic and love all kinds of films.
My all time favourite though has to be Transformers trilogy I can watch them all day every day and not get bored. Well I wouldn't but that expresses how much I love those films.

Who is your favourite singer?
There isn't a favourite singer of mine but Scott Matthews has a beautiful voice and such beautiful songs, hes amazing.

What were you afraid of when you were a kid?
Near where I live there is a power station which at night lit up so aircraft could see, but me being me thought it was a monster so every time I saw it I just burst into tears as I thought the monster was after me.

What is your current ring tone?
At the minute my current ring tone is the theme for BBC's Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch is a genius!

Have you ever taken medication to help you fall asleep?
Yes I've taken Nytol numerous times as I have difficulty falling too sleep but personally it has no effects so I don't really bother any more.

How many siblings do you have?
I have one older sister, she's 27 in October, we have our ups and downs like any other brotherly sisterly relationship but I would say we are pretty close.

So there we have it guys my 20 questions thanks for reading, hopefully i haven't bored you to death. Have a good week everyone.